Our mission

Our portal has been created basically for strengthening relationships between the deceased persons and their relatives, friends still alive.

In life there are two such important events in which the family may gather together in a large amount; the wedding or the burial service. Despite of its sadness at the same time the burial may become a meeting point for relatives, friends, colleagues who haven’t met long time ago. The deceased person may bring together the family, friends, the memories may become vivid, new memories may be shared amongst each other.

We consider this as important duty of us, that the tangible photos of the memory which are usually kept at ’boxes covered with dust’ by everyone, or inherited from generation to generation, will not be faded or lost in the waters of forgetfulness. Photos of an old family event, portrait of a grandparent gone long ago may revive such stories, memories, which would otherwise remain in the bottom of ‘closed drawers’. These memories, stories and information (e.g. favourite song or recipe) may be shared at our portal by the users at the memorial place of the deceased person and the contents being disclosed may draw forth further memories being already forgotten from others.

In our portal we ensure the possibility to store and share any kind of content related to the deceased person in a civilized way by respecting the sorrow.

With the support of our portal we have created a virtual meeting point, where the deceased person stands in the middle, and the family, relatives, friends are standing round him/her. The virtual memorial place may be an addition to the real burial place, moreover it is available from anywhere at anytime by the user.

The iTree team trust in that by the support of the portal the Users will truly manage to keep and enrich the memories.
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